What we’ve been up to…

We recently started a new business that has been taking up a lot of our time. It has also been very rewarding and a lot of fun. We thought this would be a good time to tell you about the new business and to give you some cool public domain photos at the same time. All of the images in this post are released as public domain images and can be used however you like without any licensing restrictions.

Matt and Shayna along with Matt’s brother (Ben)  recently started a reclaimed wood working business called Sons of Sawdust.  The brothers go out and deconstruct old dilapidated barns and houses and repurpose the wood by building farm tables and other furniture. Matt and Ben’s grandfather started teaching them at a very early age how to work with wood. Although he passed away about 7 years ago, they are carrying on his legacy in the work that he loved, working with wood. So, if you get a chance, check out www.sonsofsawdust.com

To download the high resolution versions of the images just click on the image to open the high res. version in a new window and then right-click and download the image.





  1. You do beautiful work - I wish you great success!

  2. Stunning! Thank you.